Years of fleet management experience in one tool, made available for you

Collaboration makes OrionGrip unique – different entities in the fleet management process work together in one tool. The platform is designed for the particular needs of all parties, to keep your fleet moving forward.

Features for CFOs and Contract Managers

  • Contract Management

    Design your own maintenance & repair contracts in the platform, invoice monthly fees to your customers and manage annual indexes or mileage adjustments. OrionGrip also lets you onboard your partner workshops – so that they can upload approval requests and invoices in an orderly fashion.

    Contract management
  • Deal Management (SLA)

    Every workshop, vehicle type and customer has its own specific needs, which require bespoke approaches. OrionGrip helps you manage your service-level agreements with customers and workshops, with an eye on maintaining quality throughout.

  • Reporting

    OrionGrip gathers all the relevant data to monitor the financial and operational performance of your assets. This allows you to intervene when costs deviate from norm curves, to share management reports with your customers, or to benchmark your partner workshops.

  • Cost Tracking

    Controlling costs starts with having the right insights. To inform your decision-making, use OrionGrip’s standardised reports within the platform – or export your data to create customised insights with BI software. From here, you can track which assets and workshops incur high costs, or analyse the technical and operational causes of downtime.

    Cost Tracking
  • Approval Requests

    OrionGrip offers an easy-to-use tool for workshops to upload approval requests, documents and pro forma invoices. Multiple requests can be submitted at once, to be reviewed partially or in full by your approval manager.

    Request for approval
  • Repair Scheduling & Tracking

    The maintenance & repair contracts you sell often include uptime guarantees. OrionGrip lets you monitor customer operations and track repairs in the workshop, keeping you in the know when uptime is affected.

    Repair scheduling
  • Service History

    When managing maintenance & repair contracts, you’ll want detailed information on a vehicle before authorising expensive repair requests. OrionGrip provides full service history at a glance, with notifications when technical problems occur in unexpected frequencies.

    Service history
  • Preventive Maintenance

    OrionGrip helps you examine the maintenance routines of assets under contract. Drawing on our expertise in complex fleet management, the planning tool accommodates bespoke maintenance routines, relevant workshops and specialised vehicles with multiple sub-assets.

    Preventive maintenance
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