Years of fleet management experience in one tool, made available for you

Collaboration makes OrionGrip unique – different entities in the fleet management process work together in one tool. The platform is designed for the particular needs of all parties, to keep your fleet moving forward.

Features for Fleet Managers

  • Repair Scheduling & Tracking

    Scheduling repairs has never been easier. Drivers, workshops or team leaders can each report an issue via the platform, or through the OrionGrip app. Relevant parties are notified immediately, and OrionGrip helps you plan a repair date in dialogue with your workshop. Urgent tickets can be handled right away, whilst smaller issues can be combined…

    Repair scheduling
  • Service History

    When working with multiple workshop partners, it can be difficult to track the service history of a particular vehicle. OrionGrip ties everything together, offering an extensive homepage per asset. On one screen, you’ll find the full service history of a vehicle with input from relevant workshops – as well as all related communications and transactions.

    Service history
  • Reporting

    To make smart decisions, you’ll need reliable insights. OrionGrip lets you convert the platform’s data into tailor-made reports, using your Business Intelligence tool of choice. Don’t have a BI tool? We can supply you one – with powerful formats.

  • Deal Management (SLA)

    Managing a complex fleet involves specific pricing arrangements with specific workshops, but keeping track of quotes and invoices can be complicated. OrionGrip’s Deal Management feature helps you control your Service Level Agreements, ensuring that conditions on specific assets are applied correctly by workshops.

  • Driver’s App

    Unreported incidents can lead to rising costs, increased downtime and unhappy drivers. The OrionGrip driver’s app (Android & iOS) lets drivers monitor outstanding issues and report new technical problems. With a function for uploading accompanying images, incident reports are promptly forwarded to the workshop, as well as to your resource planning department.

  • Tasks & Alerts

    OrionGrip offers a simple task list displaying all your to-dos, whether it’s evaluating a quote from one of your workshops or accepting a suggested maintenance date. If something doesn’t go as planned – a delay in the workshop, for instance – you’ll be notified with an alert, empowering you to take decisive action.

    Task and alerts
  • Preventive Maintenance

    With a powerful planning tool, OrionGrip helps you design the maintenance routine for every asset. Drawing on our expertise in complex fleet management, the planning tool can accommodate bespoke maintenance routines, relevant workshops and specialised vehicles with multiple sub-assets.

    Preventive maintenance
  • Cost Tracking

    Controlling costs starts with having the right insights. To inform your decision-making, use OrionGrip’s standardised reports within the platform – or export your data to create customised insights with BI software. From here, you can track which assets and workshops incur high costs, or analyse the technical and operational causes of downtime.

    Cost Tracking
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