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As a Fleet Manager, you live in a fast-paced environment

We understand that every fleet is different, and every company has its own distinct needs. That’s why we’ve channeled our fleet management know-how into a platform built for you.

OrionGrip gives you

Icon clear overview
A clear overview of outstanding tasks

Stay on top of your fleet, with a comprehensive overview of jobs to be done. Your fleet at your fingertips.

Icon real-time status
Real-time status updates on the availability of every vehicle

By collaborating with service partners in one platform, you’ll know the status of every asset without picking up the phone.

Insight in all maintenance costs
Insight in all
maintenance costs

Be clear on where your money’s going – and use your insights to make effective business decisions.

How it works

  • Tasks & Alerts

    OrionGrip offers a simple task list displaying all your to-dos, whether it’s evaluating a quote from one of your workshops or accepting a suggested maintenance date. If something doesn’t go as planned – a delay in the workshop, for instance – you’ll be notified with an alert, empowering you to take decisive action.

    Task and alerts
  • Preventive Maintenance

    With a powerful planning tool, OrionGrip helps you design the maintenance routine for every asset. Drawing on our expertise in complex fleet management, the planning tool can accommodate bespoke maintenance routines, relevant workshops and specialised vehicles with multiple sub-assets.

    Preventive maintenance
  • Cost Tracking

    Controlling costs starts with having the right insights. To inform your decision-making, use OrionGrip’s standardised reports within the platform – or export your data to create customised insights with BI software. From here, you can track which assets and workshops incur high costs, or analyse the technical and operational causes of downtime.

    Cost Tracking

The value of collaboration for Fleet Managers

Non-stop insights

Working with your service partners on one platform, you’ll have real-time insights into the status of your assets – both those in operation and those in the workshop.

Enhanced efficiency

Swap emails and phone calls for simple workflows and streamlined communications with partners. With everything in one place, OrionGrip helps you optimise efficiency, reduce delays and eliminate misunderstandings.

Smarter working

Create crystal clear reports and benchmarks with your data. Through constant exchange with your service partners, you’ll have access to more knowledge than ever before.

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