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As a CFO or Contract Manager, you need to have control – and stay ahead of surprises

For effective maintenance & repair contract management and financial peace of mind, we understand that you need control. That’s why we’ve developed a platform with data at its core, to put you firmly in the driver’s seat.

With OrionGrip you can

Icon professionalise processes
Professionalise processes

Oversee all maintenance & repair contracts in one place. The platform offers clear exchange with partners – where you can approve requests from workshops in a structured manner.

Icon create reports
Create reports

Monitor whether your contracts are profitable, or if they need revision, with the platform’s standard reports. Want more? Use the data export function to easily generate specific reports with BI tools.

Icon mitigate risks
Mitigate risks

With the insights that the platform provides, you can assess financial risks with ease. Convert your knowledge into targeted interventions to help mitigate those risks.

How it works

  • Contract Management

    Design your own maintenance & repair contracts in the platform, invoice monthly fees to your customers and manage annual indexes or mileage adjustments. OrionGrip also lets you onboard your partner workshops – so that they can upload approval requests and invoices in an orderly fashion.

    Contract management
  • Deal Management (SLA)

    Every workshop, vehicle type and customer has its own specific needs, which require bespoke approaches. OrionGrip helps you manage your service-level agreements with customers and workshops, with an eye on maintaining quality throughout.

  • Reporting

    OrionGrip gathers all the relevant data to monitor the financial and operational performance of your assets. This allows you to intervene when costs deviate from norm curves, to share management reports with your customers, or to benchmark your partner workshops.


The value of collaboration for CFOs and Contract Managers

Fast approval cycles

OrionGrip allows you to generate your own maintenance codes with both flexible and fixed rates for affiliated workshops. This standardised approach makes things simpler for you, as well as for your partners. Through fast and informed decisions on approval requests, you’ll eliminate discussions on invoices further down the line.

Integrated solution

Leave spreadsheets, emails and financial software behind – OrionGrip brings all of the same functions together in a single platform.

Collaborate with workshops and clients

Working with fleet managers and workshops on the same platform means your data is stored in one place. You won’t have to call for status updates, nor conduct extensive research to update your customer on an asset’s service history.

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